Istanbul- A city with a Silhouette of a Hundred Minarets.

Travelling through Istanbul surely was no less than what i had expected. A city with a silhouette of a hundred minarets that fill your heart with a strange feeling of hope and awe especially as the sun sets and you look back at the city from the Bosphorus cruise. :’) This is not just it, it has much more history to offer.

Suleymaniye mosque. Sultan-Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque). Hagia Sophia. Topkapi Palace. Bosphorus Cruise. Taksim Square. Galata Tower. Grand Bazaar. Fevzi Pasha Street.

I will be sharing everything and anything that inspired me in Istanbul. One at a time. So stay tuned.

Personal note on people of Turkey and their hospitality:

I found the people of Turkey to be very very hospitable and loving. We were given the utmost respect, protocol and care everywhere we went from the symposium to street vendors. I cannot complain.

May the beautiful people of Turkey and their country stay blessed always. My prayers with you. ♥


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